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Welcome, to Agate Infotek's Website!

Agate Infotek works the Assistive Technology and Accessibility way to help children and adults with special needs. By implementing use of assistive technology and providing accessibility to available resources around, we accomplish our mission to enhance livelihood, increase independence, productivity, social inclusion in their daily life, education and career.

We create awareness on assistive tools, adaptive devices, software, adaptive methods, accessibility opportunities available today. We interact, co-ordinate and work with the stakeholders involved in living with, working, serving, educating children and people with special needs or differently abled. Not alone creating awareness, Agate Infotek help in choosing the right Assistive technology for their need, life scenario, and also to effectively use them by training and continued support. To read more about us and services, please visit the other pages of our website. Thank You for visiting us. Let us work towards inclusion from this moment!

What we do?

Assistive Technology

  • Consulting specific to special needs
  • Implementing in Labs, Libraries, Resource Centres
  • Tools sales, installation, maintenance and support
  • Awareness workshops, Training Programmes
  • Braille literacy, learning and support


  • Consulting for Labs, Libraries, Resource Centres
  • Design, infrastructure plan and implementation
  • Accessibile websites/applications design
  • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Testing
  • Conversion to accessible data formats and media

Help Desk

  • Are you a person with challenges or special needs?
  • Are you a parent, teacher, volunteer of child with special needs or challenges in vision, hearing, speech, mobility or learning?
  • Are you an Educational Institution like school, college or university promoting inclusive education with accessibility for students with special needs?
  • Are you an Organization or Government Agency or Authority advocating, working for inclusion and welfare of people with special needs or differently abled in life, education and career?
  • Are you interested in Braille literacy, learning and support?

You are welcome to contact us for assistance and consulting on assistive technology products, software and services or on accessibility at

Phone: +91 98400 97237, +91 99651 97112



Quick Contact Information

Call to 98400 97237, if you are in Chennai or Tamilnadu, or dial up 0 before the number if you are in rest of the states of india, or calling from mobile between 10 a.m to 5 p.m.
For instant access, you can also call on Mobile number +91 99651 97112 or +91 98400 97237.